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12 Truths You May Not Remember About Who You Really Are

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  1. You are ever-expanding.

The Universe is always expanding and as a piece of the Universe, you are also ever-expanding, giving birth to new ideas, desires and dreams.

The problem is you are taught from a young age to squash your desires and conform to the status quo and the expectations of others.

The gap between what your soul really wants and the conformist way you are living your life creates huge internal unrest and unhappiness.

  1. Your purpose is to be you.

You are not here simply to buy a large house, get in shape, get to the top of a career ladder and pull together a wedding. While accomplishing your goals and dreams can be a rewarding and beautiful part of your life, it is just the icing on the cake.

Your true purpose is to be you – your own unique blend of passions, interests, ideas, quirks and gifts. Your mission is to discover more about who you are, to love yourself and others at the deepest level, to experience joy and happiness, and to learn and grow into the highest embodiment of you. Mission accepted?

  1. You are the essence beneath your labels and titles.

You may take on many titles, labels and roles in your life, but do not confuse them with your true identity. Your true essence is deep and unchanging.

You can be the owner of a thriving business or unemployed, married or single, fit or unhealthy, happy or depressed, but you are still the same you. Your spirit endures.

  1. You are eternal.

Your energy existed before you were here in this physical body, and your energy will continue to exist after you have finished experiencing life in this physical body.

  1. You have the power to create your world.

You are the author of your life story and you hold the pen. Start by getting clearer on what you want, and choosing thoughts, words and actions that support your desires.

  1. You are naturally entitled to wellbeing, happiness, love and abundance.

You are not meant to feel tired, broke, unloved, unhappy and anxious all the time. This is what happens when you are trapped by limiting beliefs, frozen by fear and stubbornly ignoring your inner spirit and its burning desires.

You are love, peace and happiness. It’s just buried under layers of self-loathing, false perception and fear.

  1. Everything in life is a lesson you were meant to learn.

You are here to grow into the highest embodiment of yourself, and you cannot do that without learning certain lessons from life. See your life experiences as lessons you needed to learn to blossom into your best self.

But be aware – if you don’t learn the lesson, you will continue to experience the same pain, conflicts and negative outcomes over and over again.

  1. You are perfect just as you are.

You are as the Universe created you – so who are you to judge that you’re not good enough, beautiful enough, talented enough or deserving? You may make mistakes as you navigate the world, but it doesn’t make you inherently bad.

You may have caught a glimpse of your true divine nature when you’ve been dancing, creating, making love, laughing, watching a sunset or lost in the flow of doing something you love.

  1. Your natural state is love.

If you can break the habit of judging and criticizing, labeling people and putting them in boxes, you will become aware of the same light shining within every single one of us. You will open yourself up to more love and become love itself.

  1. You are much safer than you think.

Your fears and worries about the world are like a horror movie projection in your mind – they are not real.

Your true self is strong, secure and invulnerable. It cannot be harmed by other people’s opinions or external circumstances.

  1. The world is a reflection of you.

You see what you expect to see, and you get back the energy you put out.

If you start expecting more love, friendliness, open-heartedness, support, abundance and success – and start embodying these qualities yourself – you will start to encounter them flooding into your life.

  1. You have access to all the answers you seek.

If you can learn to trust in yourself and listen to your inner voice and intuition, you will be amazed at the infinite storehouse of wisdom, guidance and ideas you possesses.

Access the answers you seek through prayer, meditation, journaling or asking the Universe for signs.


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