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Awakening from Alzheimer’s video series

I have just watched a couple of episodes for the online video series, Awakening from Alzheimer’s.

I highly recommend viewing it to anyone who knows anyone who has suffered Dementia, or for all of us who wish to maintain or brain health into our later years.  Trust that I will also be implementing what I learn from this series in my practice.

The series began on 21 September, and currently offers one free episode per day.  It appears you may view episode 1 throughout the series.  This episode a good taste of some of the interviews with respected clinicians who have seen measurable improvements in their patients’ conditions.  You may review all episodes October 6-9, and purchase the series at any time.  Episodes appear to be 30-40 minutes in duration, and are posted from 9 AM EST to 9 AM the following day.


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