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Now is the time to support your immune system

COVID-19, 3/24 Newsletter


Acupuncture and Herbal Support:

Now is the time to support your immune system

Here’s how


We are still here.  Our doors are open, our phone is on.  We are clean, and calm, and we welcome you.


We are very happy to leave prepaid herbs outside for pickup, or mail them directly to you.


We are here for acupuncture treatments, and are separating appointments and opening our porch to maximize social distance.  You will be able to enter directly into your treatment room without delay. We are sanitizing after each individual’s visit.


Stay home if you believe you have respiratory symptoms, or if you suspect you may have been exposed to any virus.


Please phone us with any questions you may have about what we can do for you today.


Each of us is in serious stress.  Most of you have had the pleasure to feel the deep relaxation that comes with an acupuncture treatment.  Traditional Chinese Medicine can return you to balance, so you can better take the daily challenges that life throws your way.  I have a full shelf of herbal pills to help just with that, a wide variety to calm your specific complaints, help you sleep. As we are re-balancing, these herbs will help both in the short term, and reduce these tendencies over the long term.


We are concerned about our immunity, and want it as strong as it can be right now.  Acupuncture and herbs can help.  I have been adding immune boosting acupoints into most of my treatments, and ordering immune focused herbs from across the country these past weeks.


We want to know we are safe, and that, should this virus descend upon us, or our family, we will be able to fight, endure, and prevail.  You can keep herbs on your shelf to help strengthen your body, and ease symptoms.


If you want to be healthy, reduce your inflammatory and allergic loads.  For many of us, this means avoiding those comfort foods.  Any food that makes you feel stuffy, runny, bloated, heavy, foggy, or tired, is slowing down your immune system.  I included more in the last email, and will write more about this in the future.


Keep your colon clean: this is the opposite end of your Chinese Medicine Lung system, and an important part of your immune system!  If you tend toward constipation, take laxatives. We stock various alternatives.

Stay hydrated!  Keep drinking lots of water and unsweetened beverages.  Hot is better, as COVID-19 is destroyed in temperatures over about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, so stay warm!



Stay home, stay warm, well, and hydrated.

Meditate.  Take a walk in the springtime.

Reach out to those you love.  

All of us are together in this.


I’m here when you need me.



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