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Ozone Therapy for Lyme Disease and Other Serious Illnesses

Ozone Therapy Lyme Disease
Posted on July 1, 2013 by admin
Ozone therapy Lyme disease

Ozone therapy Lyme disease – this article looks at the many beneficial effects ozone therapy has as a treatment for Lyme disease and any associated co-infections.

Treatments for Lyme disease very often fail due for many reasons which include: failure to adequately remove all the pathogens (including bacteria, parasites, mold, fungi, viruses), failure to remove toxicity, failure to reduce or remove inflammation and biofilms, failure to improve immune system function, and failure to correct the underlying cellular oxygen deficiencies.

Without addressing all of these important health issues that are at the bottom of all chronic illnesses, any Lyme disease treatment will not be successful.

There is a therapy however that has been used for a very long time with an excellent record of efficiency and safety, and that does address all of the above health issues that relate to Lyme disease infections. That therapy is Ozone therapy.

Ozone Treatment For Lyme Disease

Ozone is form of oxygen therapy in which there is an extra oxygen atom placed along side the 2 oxygen atoms that normally make up the oxygen molecule. It is effectively an activated or “supercharged” version of oxygen as it is O3 instead of O2. By activating oxygen in this manner the healing benefits of this already critical life-giving substance are magnified even further.

You may be surprised to learn that Ozone therapy has been around for a very long time, in fact, it was being used in the US well before antibiotic drugs were invented.

In 1929, a book called “Ozone and Its Therapeutic Action” was published in the US listing 114 diseases and how to treat them with ozone. Its 40 authors were the heads of all the leading American hospitals. Back then it was a well-known and established healing treatment.

In 1933 however, the American Medical Association, headed up by Morris Fishbein, set out to eliminate all medical treatments that were competitive to drug therapy. The suppression of ozone therapy in the US began then, and continues to this day, except in ten US states, where doctors are protected by state laws. At the request of the AMA, the FDA began seizing generators in the 1940s.

Ozone Therapy Lyme

Ozone therapy is a medical treatment that is given by a doctor that has been trained and specializes in its use. Medical ozone treatment has powerful disease reversing and anti-aging benefits when used correctly, and has been used for many years to heal the body of many illnesses and diseases.

An ozone generator is used to generate the ozone gas from pure medical grade oxygen. This ozone machine or medical ozone generator generates a precise concentration of ozone gas (usually no more than 5%), which is then used as part of the oxygen and ozone treatment session.

Ozone can be used in a number of different ways to improve your health and well-being, and to help regenerate your body and cells. The most common are;

Ozonated Water – freshly ozonated water can be taken orally which will be absorbed through your stomach and small intestine. A great and simple way to infuse more ozone into your body. This will also act to kill any bad bacteria, fungi, virues, or parasites etc that may be in your stomach or intestinal system.
Rectal Ozone Insufflation – where ozone gas is inserted into the rectum. This technique is simple and has been used effectively for cardiovascular disorders, viral illness (hepatitis A, B & C), immune-activation, and as part of a cancer therapy protocol. Usually anywhere from 50 – 800 mls of ozone is insufflated into the rectum over a period of several minutes.
Vaginal Ozone Insufflation – in this method ozone gas is introduced into vagina where it acts locally on the vagina, cervix and uterus. It can also from here find its way into the abdominal cavity. This method is useful for gynecological problems including yeast infections (candida), uterine infections and fibroids, and even cervical cancer.
Ear Ozone Insufflation – an ozone and oxygen mixture is used in this medical ozone treatment and is applied to the ear canal for a few minutes at a time. This method is particularly useful for middle ear infections, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections with congested sinuses, candida infections, bronchitis, and influenza. As Lyme Borrelia bacteria very often infiltrate the brain and nervous system, by using this form of ozone therapy we can access this part of the body immediately causes bacterial destruction.
Minor Auto-hemotherapy – this involves the use of a small amount of a person’s blood (10-20 mls) which is then mixed with the same amount of ozone and oxygen gas. The resulting mixture is then injected into the buttock muscle. This injected blood acts like an auto-vaccine as it is derived from the person’s own cells. This acts as an immune system activator and can help your own body to detect and destroy the Lyme bacteria along with any other bacteria that is also present.
Major Auto-hemotherpy – this is probably the most commonly used form of ozone therapy in the world. In Germany there are more than 8,000 Doctors using this procedure to successfully treat a wide variety of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease (blocked coronary arteries, heart failure, angina, high blood pressure), diabetes, stroke, arthritis, cancer, viral infections (incl. HIV, Herpes, CMV ), bacterial and fungal infections. This involves taking 250 mls of a person’s blood then mixing it with 250 mls of an ozone oxygen mixture. After the gas has fully been absorbed into the blood, it is then re-infused into the vein.
Whole Body Ozone Therapy – this is the most powerful and potent way to use ozone for complete health and healing and for anti aging. In this method blood is taken out of one arm then it is directed to a special filter (similar to a kidney dialysis filter) through which it slowly passes. As it passes through the filter all the waste products in the blood are filtered out – including Lyme toxins, excess fat and cholesterol, urea, creatinine, heavy metals like mercury, lead, and aluminum – and at the same time a specific ozone oxygen gas mixture is infused into the filter, slowly mixing with the blood. During this procedure, which is usually done for an hour or longer, up to 5 litres of your blood (i.e, ¾ of your total blood volume) passes through the filter to be cleaned and ozonated/oxygenated.
Have a look at the picture below:

Ozone therapy

You can see on the right side of the picture the blood that is being withdrawn from the body – it is very dark, and it is has obvious fatty and toxin deposits literally clogging it up. This is unfortunately a very common scenario.

However, now take a look at the left side of the picture: this is the now detoxified, cleansed, filtered, ozonated and fully oxygenated blood coming back into your body.

The marked difference is very obvious indeed. You can certainly see for yourself that this procedure would have enormous health benefits to your whole body.

Do you think that having your entire blood volume detoxified, cleansed, filtered and literally flooded with Lyme destroying ozone and oxygen would have much of an impact on the state of your health if you were suffering from Lyme disease (or any serious disease for that matter)?

Now have a look at this picture below:

Lyme Toxins

This represents the removed excess fluid and toxins/waste products that have been stripped from your blood as it has been passing through the filter during the 1 hour of the Whole Body Ozone Therapy.

Do you think you would now be so much cleaner, detoxified and healthier by having just removed this filthy toxic matter that has been clogging your blood and body possibly for years? You and I both know the answer to that question – YES!

Here is one more picture for you – this time however the toxin waste fluid in this photo has come from a Lyme disease patient that was recently treated using Whole Body Ozone Therapy.

Lyme Toxins2

The amount of toxicity removed during this 90 minute Whole Body Ozone Therapy was quite amazing.

You can see how the toxins are completely overflowing out of the collection jar, which is attached to the base of the filter through which the patient’s blood is continuously being passed during this procedure.

It just goes to show how much toxicity those with Lyme disease can potentially have within their blood and body. It is often the case with Lyme disease that most of the symptoms of the illness are directly related to the neuro and other toxins released by the bacteria rather than directly related to the bacteria themselves.

“It is therefore of critical importance to not only use therapies to kill and eradicate the Lyme bacteria but to also quickly and safely remove the very dangerous toxins that can and do lead to often permanent damage of organs and systems, and even to death.”

Ozone Therapy works by correcting homeostatic imbalances in the body and works even better when combined with other therapies that also help to establish a healthy state of balance within the body.

The more severe or chronic your Lyme disease is, the more intense and longer duration treatment program utilizing this therapy you will require.

This is a basic principle in healing: the longer the time you have suffered from and the more intense the severity of your disease, the longer the treatment time and the more intense the treatment program required in order for you to recover your health.

Because Lyme disease can cause so many problems with very important organs and systems in your body, this therapy is vital because it will help to also heal and regenerate every part of your body.

In particular, Lyme bacteria can and do target the brain and nervous system (Lyme neuroborreliosis) and the heart (Lyme carditis), leading to often severe symptoms which may become chronic.

Ozone therapy is particularly effective for helping to protect and repair the brain/nervous system and also the heart.

It is therefore of significant benefit to any Lyme sufferer having these complications from this infection.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article on Ozone Therapy Lyme Disease.

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