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Scientists Are Worried About GMOs, You Should Be Too!

I have a passionate concern for #GMOs, what they are doing to the ecosystem of our whole planet, and what they can do to us.

There is some confusion as to what a Genetically Modified Organism is.  This is a relatively new, scientific process.  Basically, a scientist inserts a foreign gene into the DNA of another species, most often an animal gene into a plant, or a plant gene into an animal, in order to alter the characteristic of that species: to make a certain plant resistant to certain parasites, or to increase muscle growth in animals.  This helps increase our food stock, and the profits of the companies who produce the patented genetic change.

Please note, this is not the same as genetically engineered food.  Arguably ALL of our food supply is genetically engineered: choosing which steer breeds to which cows, cross-pollinating plants, grafting tees: thousands of years of human farming have completely altered our planet’s original ecosystem into our current food supply.  Even Heritage breeds and seeds have likely known some human modification in their long histories.  GMO’s are our modern “Frankenfood:” take out the test-tubes and the electron microscopes, and boldly go where no man had even considered going in the past.

I won’t get started on a long diatribe here.  This is a profit-driven enterprise.  The farmers are promised a more resilient, higher yield crop, which generally does not materialize, and they are stuck in the cycle of purchasing more seed and fertilizer from this company year after year, often to the point of bancrupcy.  The seeds spread to neighboring farms, whether or not they want them, and those farmers have been sued for possessing seeds they did not purchase.  There are many films and articles on this foul cycle.  Give yourself a little time to search YouTube.

My concern is that the products from this process are ubiquitous in our American food supply – most other countries have banned their production and our major food producers provide GMO-free versions of their products in Europe and other areas, but not here in the USA – and in our farming landscape.  We cannot know how far-reaching the effects of this “experiment” may go, how every plant and animal on the planet may one day feel the influence of the re-engineering of massive fields of US crops.  The birds and the bees are dining there, then flying elsewhere.  We are eating innumerable GMO genes daily, in processed products laced with corn syrup and starches, soy oil and lecithins, cottonseed & canola oils.  We reach for beautiful, “natural ” fruits and vegetables, like papaya, pineapple, tomatoes, potatoes, and summer squashes that have been genetically modified for years (and were never labeled as such in this country).


We have no data on how these genes effect our overall health, but our overall health is on the decline (not so in other countries).  US Cancer, obesity and Diabetes rates are alarmingly high, and climbing yearly.

I consider it one of my duties as a Healthcare Professional to inform my patients and the general public about the very real dangers we are in the midst of, and the possibly perilous experiment we have begun with our planet.  I will continue to pass on information I think might help you understand the overall threat or your personal risks.

As such, here is a starter list to help you understand why these crops were chosen (no screaming liberals on this site):


Here is a short video about why the effects are scary, pertaining to the newest GMO crops:

Why scientists are worried about the GMO apple and potato


Here is the official, third-party verified list of #CertifiedGMOFree foods, including specific brands:


Please take a look, inform yourselves, read your food labels, buy Organic.  Take your health, and the health of our planet, very seriously.

And be well.

I’m here to help.

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