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Shedding The Weight Meditation Series


This is a wonderful FREE way to start meditating, with focus, and progress: start the best of habits!   I highly recommend this resource to just get started, and get a feel for a few ways we can meditate, including focused thoughts, self awareness, mantras, and music.

The series provides a new meditation every day for 3 weeks, with up to 5 days to listen to each.  Each day’s entry entails a short intro by Oprah, followed by some instruction with Deepak, including a mantra to repeat during 10 minutes of calming music.

This “Weight” does not only apply to those of us who think we weigh more than we want to, but can help us all shed excess from our lives and selves.

Of course, before the 21 days end, you will have an opportunity to purchase the whole series, but are not required to do so.  Many other series are available for purchase, and they are kind enough to offer a free series about 3 times per year.


To register:

For a sample meditation:

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