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Welcome to our New Year.  May it be happy, healthy, and prosperous for us all.  If you are like most of us, somewhere within or just after the holidays, there might be an urge toward a health resolution, whether brought on by tradition or the serious overload of sweets, alcohol, and unhealthy foods that come with our celebrations.  I am not immune.  In fact, it’s my Immune System I am most concerned about, so, after contracting another cold (Which I am determined NOT to do anymore, as my job is to HELP people who are sick, and I cannot do that if I, myself am not well.), I have begun a program of juicing.  I find this takes commitment and creativity more than time or money.  I have found help with both issues.


They say juicing is good for you.  More nutrients, fresh within the moment (or even a day later).  You can use a very high quality juicer or blender to get the most fiber (the whole fruit or vegetable, as nature intended), and you can add ginger and spices to counteract the chilly refrigerator temperatures (Chinese Medicine abhors cold foods, so still STAY AWAY from ice!).  You can add nuts and seeds to round out your protein and [very healthy] fat content (Stay away from milk products is you can, as they are far too processed to be readily absorbed).

There are many opinions.  There are juicers and blenders, organic (preferred) or thoroughly washed, and peeled of wax (Carnuba,  the same as used on our cars).  Fasts, cleanses, routines…individual foods that benefit certain health conditions, combinations that taste better (some taste wonderful!).

So, where to begin?  This very day, I am ordering a couple of books you are welcome to look at here in Newport, RI.  In the meantime, take a visit to this lovely, informative website, and try out  a juice or two:

There are quite a few simple, illustrated, recipes listed, and a section for searching within numerous health concerns, including a graph-style rating of which juice most benefits the given condition.

Or, you might choose to check off the list of produce in your home, and let them give you a list of recipes you can make right away.  Really, it’s THAT easy.

They also have an easy to follow 30-Day Juice Challenge:

Yes, there is an optional newsletter.  I am also going to give it a try, as they “un-subscribe” link is also very straight-forward.

As of today, I have accepted the 30-Day Juice Challenge.  There is no easier way to change a habit than to commit to a daily routine, use accountability, and draft a friend.  I would be honored if you would join me.

To your health!

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