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The turning point on my road to recovery


Dr. Lynn MacKesson began treatment while I was at the height of my pain.  Thus far my pain has diminished 60% to 70%.  A combination of acupuncture and cupping has proven to be the turning point on my road to recovery.  Body detoxification has additionally reenergized me to the point that I haven’t been this motivated or felt this good in years.

Under Dr. MacKesson stress, migraine headaches, back pain with numbness radiating down both legs and accompanying depression, have all abated considerably.  I now realize how the average person can live for an extended period of time without pain limiting their normal activities. I truly recognize that with continued acupuncture I will come to a point where my pain will be sustainable and won’t consistently dictate how I manage my daily life.

Although my current insurance does not cover treatments, I consider the costs, in comparison with staggering payment of the past, greatly validate the very real and very significant benefits that have affected my health in a truly justifying and encouraging way.

Dr. Lynn MacKesson is not only a very competent and seasoned acupuncturist but she is truly a friend and compassionate person that I highly respect.  I fully recommend the office of Acupuncture and Herbal Answers to everyone.


R. L.

Middletown, Rhode Island